Hanging a Neon Sign by Attaching Chain or Rope to the Screws

How to Hang a Neon Sign on the Wall? | Chain, Rope & Direct Method

You may have bought a neon sign and now you're thinking you have no idea how to hang or secure it. We present this article to give you the most comprehensive information on this subject. Many neon signs have a plexiglass base made of acrylic material. This base both holds the light strips steady and creates the body you will need to hang your neon sign. First, check if there are any holes on the base plate. If your neon sign has hanging holes, your job is easy. Neon signs produced by Luxemitter always have these holes. You can check out this link for Luxemitter brand Neon Signs.

Fixing the Neon Sign to the Wall Using Screws

Although it may be a bit challenging and requires manual dexterity, hanging the neon sign on your wall with screws is the strongest and safest method. Your neon sign can continue to shine on your wall for many years without any hesitation or problems.
In order to use this method, there must be holes at the base of your neon sign for screws to pass through. If your neon sign does not have holes for screws, you must first open these holes and then proceed to the hanging step.

The materials you need to hang your neon sign by screwing it to the wall;

1. Screws with a diameter that can easily pass through the holes of your neon sign
2. Dowels of the type and size suitable for your screws and wall
3. Drill
4. Use a drill bit suitable for your dowels and screw diameter
5. Screwdriver or Cordless screwdriver
6. Use a pencil or a sharp object to mark the wall

Neon Sign Screwing Steps

1. First, hold your neon sign in your hand and temporarily lean it against the wall you want to hang it on. Secure it temporarily by holding it at the appropriate height and desired angle. You may need to have helpers with you for these stages.

2. Take the pen in your hand and hold it and make a mark on the wall through the holes of your sign leaning against the wall. If you do not have a pencil, you can make a mark by drawing on the wall with a sharp object. If multiple holes are required, do not slide or move the sign when placing a sign on the wall. If you slide, the areas that need to be drilled will slide and the wrong operation will be performed.

3. After marking, drill your holes with a drill. You can hold a vacuum cleaner to the drilling area to remove dust during the process.

4. Place your dowels into the holes you drilled. If it does not fit easily, you can hit the dowels using a hammer with little force. However, if it still does not fit, you may not have used a drill bit or dowel of the appropriate diameter. Check the materials and enlarge the holes if necessary.

5. After placing your dowels completely on the wall, align the mounting holes on the neon sign with the dowels and insert the screws from the front of the sign. Match the screws on the dowel and start tightening the screws.

6. After tightening the screws, make sure there are no loose connections. If all the screws are complete, the process is finished.

Extra 1: Hanging a Neon Sign in a Vertical Garden with Chains

If you feel like it or if it makes more sense technically, you can hang your neon sign with chains or ropes. This hanging method is often used in wall gardens and vertical gardens.
In this way, instead of disrupting or drilling the vertical wall garden, hanging the neon sign in front of the garden is also a used method.

To do this, you need to attach the chain or rope to the heads of the screws you have attached to the wall, tighten the screw sufficiently and make sure that the rope or chain will not come off. Our neon sign in the title photo is fixed to a vertical garden decor by hanging it with chains.

Hanging a Neon Sign by Attaching Chain or Rope to the Screws
A neon sign manufactured by us and fixed on a chain. If the product in the photo interests you, you can proceed to the product page from here. 

Extra 2: Hanging a Neon Sign with a Rope

It is especially used to hang neon signs in front of glass and windows. Thus, there is no contact with the glass surface, the neon sign looks like it is floating in the air and offers a very nice appearance.

For such a hanging method, screws and fixing mechanisms must be created on the upper part of the glass. The ropes fixed to these screws can be hung down and a neon sign can be attached along the length of the rope or at the end of the rope.
Neon Sign Hanging Along a Rope
Neon Sign Hanging Along a Rope
Neon sign hanging at the end of ropes
Neon sign hanging at the end of ropes
Screwing your neon signs directly to the wall is the most durable and safe method. Attaching rope or chains to the screws can also be considered safe. However, as an alternative, methods such as adhesive tape are unfortunately not durable and may be affected by environmental conditions, causing your sign to fall and break.
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