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Whether you are a designer looking to bring your ideas to life, a manufacturer needing rapid prototyping, or a person looking for custom-made creations, our 3D Printing Service has you covered. From complex prototypes to personalized gifts, with Luxemitter assurance, we can turn your vision into reality with precision and efficiency.

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  • 3D Printing Service Tips

    • Our 3D Printing Service is a special production method for you. Production is provided according to the Project File you Send to us. When you deliver the project to us, you will be sent the Production Time, Price Offer and Project Details. If our offer is accepted, we will proceed directly to the production phase.
    • Our 3D Printers are Semi-Industrial Type and are among the best 3D Printers in their class. The 3D Printed Product to be produced can be produced as a Single Piece with Maximum Width: (17.7" | 450 mm) * Height: (17.7" | 450 mm) and Length: (18.5" | 470 mm).
    • Our 3D Prints; It can be produced from PLA, ABS, PETG, PA-Nylon, PLA-CF, PLA-Wood and TPU Plastic Materials. Each plastic material has structural and chemical differences such as durability, flexibility, brittleness and so on.
    • With our 3D Printing service; In addition to Decorative Products such as Vases, Decorative Objects, Toys, Models, Wall Decorations, Architectural Buildings, Sculptures and Busts, products requiring durability and strength can also be produced.