Collection: Car Accessory

Our Car Accessories collection includes many Auto Accessories and Car Decoration items, including JDM Tsurikawas and Undercar Lights. You can decorate your vehicle according to your lifestyle and keep your style alive in your vehicle with car ornaments and decorations that automobile enthusiasts can admire.

  • Car Accessory Tips

    • Handmade Car Accessories produced by Luxemitter are made of High Quality with Durable and Long-lasting materials. You can get the best quality vehicle decoration products with the advantages of Handmade Production.
    • Our Auto Accessories can be of many types like Neon Light JDM Tsurikawas, Classic JDM Items, Car Lights, LED Undercar Lights.
    • Our Smart Vehicle accessories; Interaction-based add-ons such as Wireless Control, Sound Sensitivity, and Stimulus Response can be included. The materials used in our Illuminated Vehicle Accessories are carefully selected, and our Vehicle Decorations that include lighting include ARGB LED, RGB LED, LED Neon or Single or Multi-Color Single Light sources.
    • The plastic parts of the products generally consist of Industrial ABS Plastic. ABS is a type of plastic that does not break easily and is extremely resistant to outdoor conditions.