Collection: Classic JDM Tsurikawas

Our collection of JDM Tsurikawa Handle Car Accessories offers car owners a great option to personalize their cars and add unique style to their auto. Tsurikawa Rings and Tsurikawa Charms, each carefully designed and manufactured with high-quality materials, provide a unique look inside and outside your vehicle.

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  • Classic JDM Tsurikawa Tips

    • For those interested in the world of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market), Tsurikawa Rings hold a special place. Tsurikawas, which were used as clutch rings on trains in the past, have become a symbol of Automotive Culture over time. Particularly popular among JDM Vehicle Owners and Car enthusiasts, these Auto Accessories give the vehicle a unique style and personality.
    • JDM Tsurikawa Products offered by Luxemitter; Made from Durable or Decorative Materials such as Epoxy Resin or ABS Plastic.
    • Extremely popular as Car Accessories, JDM Tsurikawa Car Decorations are Car Decorations that combine Lightweight, Durable, Sturdy and Modern features.
    • JDM Tsurikawas can be used in the Interior Decoration of your vehicle. For Exterior Decoration, it can be placed at the rear of the vehicle or in the front bumper area of ​​the vehicle.