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Beautify your space according to your own tastes with our Customizable LED Light Wall Decors, Custom Neon Signs & Custom Neon Light products. Our collection of Personalized Products offers a unique blend of modern design & expert craftsmanship, providing the perfect service to add a bright & sparkling touch to any environment.

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  • Custom Neon Sign Tips

    • Our Custom Neon Sign Service is a production method that offers Personalized Neon Signs according to your wishes and desires.
    • Custom Neon Signs can be produced in 10 Different Colors including White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Ice Blue, Pink and Purple, All in Single Color or Mixed Color areas.
    • Single piece limit dimensions in production size; The maximum size of Large Neon Signs is (39" | 100 cm) x (59" | 150 cm) and the signs above this are produced by Multi-Part Production Method.
    • Transparent Acrylic Plexiglass is used as the base material in Custom Neon Light Signs. However, base materials of different colors and mattities can also be used according to your request.
    • The Plexiglass Base of our personalized Neon Sign products is completed with high precision on Laser Marking and Cutting Machines. The production process is always carried out using the "Handmade" method using the highest quality materials and equipment.