Collection: LED Neon Tsurikawa

JDM Tsurikawa Car Accessories with LED Neon Lights offer the perfect way to personalize your vehicle. We recommend the Neon Light JDM Tsurikawa Handles to all JDM car fans, which you can use as a decorative lighting accessory for your vehicles. Tsurikawa Handles, each Handmade and reflecting the JDM style, give the cars an eye-catching and unique appearance. Make your driving experience more enjoyable by adding style to your vehicle.

  • LED Neon JDM Tsurikawa Tips

    • LED Neon Light Tsurikawas, originally designed and marketed by Luxemitter for the first time in the world, are New Generation JDM products and attract attention with their stylish and modern appearance as an alternative to Classic Tsurikawa Car Accessories.
    • Our JDM Tsurikawa Car Accessories containing LED Neon have a body made of Industrial ABS Plastic, which is also used in Cars. In this way, they are Durable, Lightweight and Long-lasting against Outdoor Conditions such as Sun and Rain.
    • Flexible LED Neon Strips, carefully placed and embedded in the body, are safely protected within the ABS Body.
    • All LED Tsurikawas produced by Luxemitter have Electrical Safety Systems such as Voltage Protection and Current Protection.
    • If you are tired of old-style Tsurikawa Auto Accessories and are looking for more modern and shiny JDM Vehicle Accessories, you can use Illuminated Tsurikawa Products in your Car Decoration with peace of mind.