Collection: Neon Signs

Our LED Neon Sign product collection offers striking and eye-catching products designed to add a unique atmosphere to your spaces. Neon Lights and Neon Signs, blended with the modern and colorful aesthetics of LED Lights, attract attention by adding style and character to any environment. Each one is carefully designed and manufactured with quality materials, making them ideal for durable and long-lasting use.

  • Neon Sign Tips

    • Plexiglass Acrylic Material & Flexible Neon Strip LED Lights are used in the production of LED Neon Signs. During the design process, computerized design programs are used to design in line with project requirements and customer demands.
    • In the production stages, first, the acrylic base is cut and marked by Laser Engraving or CNC Machining methods. Then, LED Neon Strips are mounted on the Acrylic Base in accordance with the design lines. During assembly, care is taken to place the strips properly without exceeding the boundary lines.
    • Quality neon signs should be free of dirt, fingerprints or glue stains and should provide homogeneous and equal illumination at every point. For this purpose, local light differences are prevented by using parallel and serial circuit connections in electrical connections and the highest average current is drawn.
    • Luxemitter aims to produce neon signs of the highest quality and durability. It aims to add light to Office & Home Wall Decorations in line with customer requests by offering Custom Neon Signs or General Purpose Neon Signs for special events such as Weddings, Engagements and Parties. We work meticulously to ensure that each sign meets the highest quality standards and we value your satisfaction.