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Scream Ghost Face LED Neon JDM Tsurikawa Car Light Accessory

Scream Ghost Face LED Neon JDM Tsurikawa Car Light Accessory

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  • Handmade Product
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This product is an illuminated decoration product that can be easily mounted on cars. In this way, it is possible for your vehicle to have bright lights and an aesthetic appearance. Let's give your vehicle a new style with Scream Ghost Face LED Neon Tsurikawa, which provides a beautiful appearance both day and night. It is completely handmade. ❤️Our products can be used outdoors or indoors. It is also produced to be resistant to rain.

Height: 9" - 231mm
Width: 5.3" - 134mm
Thickness: 0.43" - 11mm

Note: Classic hanger is not sent with the product. The reason for this is that these hangers are not suitable for every vehicle and we want you to add your own taste to the product. You can hang the product on your vehicle using simple materials such as plastic clips, rope, ribbon, or using the tsurikawa hangers you have. In this way, you will complete the installation as you wish.

The product works with 12V. You can make the electrical connections of the product as follows. The product contains electrical protection systems. In case of any electrical problem, it permanently disconnects the current electrical connection that feeds it to protect the vehicle.

1. Open the hood of the car and find the Battery.
2. Connect one of the product's cables to one end of the battery and the other end of the cable to the other end of the battery. If the light does not come on, reverse the connections or check the on-off switch if present.
3. Secure and insulate the wires with a fastener such as electrical tape and plastic clamps. That is all.

  • OPEN CABLE - NO PLUG: There is no electrical switch for turning on and off. The ends of the product's power cables are open and no plug. When the product is energized, it starts working immediately. If it is directly connected to the battery, the product continues to operate continuously. It is suitable for people who want the product to work this way or for customers who want to mount it in the contact or headlight system. You can get help from auto electrical shops for ignition or headlight installation.
  • ON-OFF SWITCH - NO PLUG: In the simplest way, it allows you to easily control the product connected to the battery with the on-off switch. Thus, you can turn the product on and off with the button on the cable. This option has no plug and the ends of the cables are open.
  • LIGHTER SOCKET PLUG: I can add a cigarette lighter socket to the cable ends. In this way, the product works when you plug the cable into the cigarette lighter socket and does not work when you remove it from the cigarette lighter socket. There is a cigarette lighter socket at the end of the cable.
  • REMOTE WIRELESS ON-OFF: The cable ends of the product are empty and without plugs. However, there is an additional system on the cable that can be controlled by infrared. In this way, you can operate or turn off the product with the remote control. 2. It is the wireless control version of the numbered "ON-OFF SWITCH-NO PLUG" option.
Attention: If you are not familiar with electrical connection, get help from an auto electrician who understands electrical work or complete the installation with someone who does. Original design! Designed and manufactured by Luxemitter. Legal action will be taken in case of copying and reproduction.

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