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Luxemitter; It was established to produce Handmade Art, Decoration and Ornament products. We design and manufacture many product lines, from Custom Neon Signs to Epoxy Furniture, Office and Home Decorations, Wall Art and Car Accessories

Luxemitter was founded in 2022 to represent a productive island in the unique ocean of Handmade Art. We aim to create empathy and loyalty with every product we produce for you, relying on your love and belief in Handmade products.




We export Handmade products to more than 10 countries

  • USA, Canada, Australia,
  • France, Belgium, Türkiye,
  • Holland, Sweden, Switzerland,
  • Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Austria.


Customizable Products

Not Just for Neon Signs! There is unlimited customization on all our products.

In all the products we offer you;

  • Colour, Dimension,
  • Shape, Material,
  • Technology, Hardware, Software.

We can provide all add-ons and revisions.

  • Busra SENGUN

    I work as a Founder, Designer & Photo Model at Luxemitter

  • Erdim SENGUN

    Electronics, Mechanical, Software & Production Manager

  • Cat Remzi SENGUN

    I work as a happiness maker & stress reliever at Luxemitter

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