Production Times of Orders

Since our products are handmade & produced meticulously, there are certain production times

Angel wings neon sign produced by luxemitter is ready for packaging

LED Neon Light Signs

Neon Signs consisting of LED Lights are decorative products suitable for use as wall decoration & event decoration. Their bases usually consist of acrylic sheets & have light colored stripes on them. The entire process is carried out in a computer environment & is designed and planned from start to finish. Then, the neon sign is made ready for use through the physical production processes of the illuminated sign. After all checks are made, it is wrapped in transparent foil (left image), packaged in cardboard boxes & delivered to you.

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Lighted JDM Tsurikawa

LED Neon Light Tsurikawa products are innovative and unique car accessories that car enthusiasts will love and enjoy using in their cars. Reflecting the new generation JDM style, Illuminated JDM Tsurikawa Car Lights can be mounted inside or outside your vehicles. As an auto accessory, illuminated Tsurikawas add a beautiful and eye-catching atmosphere to your vehicle, ensuring that all eyes are on your vehicle.

  • Production is completed within 5 business days.
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