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Cinnamoroll Neon Sign

Cinnamoroll Neon Sign

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A perfect choice for anime fans and cute decoration lovers: Cinnamoroll Neon Sign! This custom neon sign brings the cuteness and energy of Cinnamoroll to your home, office or personal space and stands out as one of the finest examples of anime wall art.

The iconic ears and sweet facial expressions of Cinnamoroll neon lights add warmth and cuteness to your environment. A perfect decorative element for children's rooms, teenagers' rooms, living rooms or work areas, this sign is also a great decoration piece for bars, cafes and themed stores.

Cinnamoroll Neon Sign is made of high quality materials and attracts attention with its vibrant and bright neon lights. Thanks to its energy-efficient LED technology, it offers long-lasting use with low energy consumption. Its elegant and cute design adds a modern and fun atmosphere to any space. Reflect your passion and love for anime in your decoration with Cinnamoroll Neon Sign. Add a cute and energetic touch to your space with this unique neon sign.

Product features

  • This product is Handmade.
  • All materials are reliable & high quality.
  • Professional hand tools were used during production.
  • Electrical adapter & cables are included in the product.
  • Ultra-precise laser cutting & marking is used.
  • Translucent power cables are located on the back surface, making them as invisible as possible when viewed from the front.


  • Transparent plexi acrylic material is used on the product base.
  • The lights consist of LED based quality 12V Neon Strips.

Production Times

  • 5 business days for Small Neon Signs.
  • Medium sized Neon Signs 1 weeks.
  • Large Neon Signs (E.g. Angel Wing) 2-3 weeks.

You can Contact us to get more accurate production time information for the product you want.

Carrier & Shipping Time

  • We work with UPS, FedEx & DHL.
  • Free Shipping: 4-9 days to USA & European Union. 4-7 days to UK.
  • Express Shipping: USA 1-5 days. European Union & UK 1-3 days.
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