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Restroom Neon Sign

Restroom Neon Sign

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Restroom Neon Sign features eye-catching colors that can be seen from a distance and is ideal for directing your guests to the toilet area. Neon Lights of Restroom Sign create a bright and unique atmosphere, allowing your customers to easily find where the restrooms are located. It is also suitable for use as a Bathroom Sign & Toilet Sign.

Crafted with high-quality materials and vibrant LED Neon Lighting, this wall decor or door sign not only serves as a practical restroom guidance and finding tool, but also adds a fun and contemporary aesthetic to your space.

Product Dimensions

Women Sign Size: 5.4 Inch | 10.3 Inch - 13.8x26.2 cm
Men Sign Size: 4.1 Inch | 10.4 Inch - 10.5x26.3 cm

Product features

  • This product is Handmade.
  • All materials are reliable & high quality.
  • Professional hand tools were used during production.
  • Electrical adapter & cables are included in the product.
  • Ultra-precise laser cutting & marking is used.
  • Translucent power cables are located on the back surface, making them as invisible as possible when viewed from the front.


  • Transparent plexi acrylic material is used on the product base.
  • The lights consist of LED based quality 12V Neon Strips.

Production Times

  • 5 business days for Small Neon Signs.
  • Medium sized Neon Signs 1 weeks.
  • Large Neon Signs (E.g. Angel Wing) 2-3 weeks.

You can Contact us to get more accurate production time information for the product you want.

Carrier & Shipping Time

  • We work with UPS, FedEx & DHL.
  • Free Shipping: 4-9 days to USA & European Union. 4-7 days to UK.
  • Express Shipping: USA 1-5 days. European Union & UK 1-3 days.
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