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LED Neon Akatsuki Tsurikawa

LED Neon Akatsuki Tsurikawa

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Your car is not only a means of transportation, but also a reflection of your personality and style. Add a unique touch to your vehicle with Lighted Akatsuki Cloud Tsurikawa and make your difference on the road! Tsurikawa is inspired by Japanese culture and is the adaptation of ring-shaped accessories generally used to hold on to trains to the automobile world. The illuminated Akatsuki Cloud Tsurikawa combines this traditional design with a modern touch. Equipped with LED lights, this Akatsuki Cloud-shaped accessory brings both aesthetic and functional innovation to your vehicle.

The prominent features of Lighted Akatsuki Cloud Tsurikawa include stylish design, high quality, easy installation, various color options and energy efficiency. You can add a romantic and modern atmosphere to your vehicle with its Akatsuki Cloud-shaped design and LED lights. Made from durable materials, this Car accessory is long-lasting and reliable. It can be easily assembled without requiring any special tools. Thanks to LED technology, it provides long-term use with low energy consumption.

Do you want to add a personal touch to your vehicle and get away from the ordinary? The illuminated Akatsuki Cloud Tsurikawa is not just an accessory, but also a form of expression that reflects your style. It adds fun to your journeys with its LED lights, which attract attention especially during night driving. This accessory can be used as rear bumper, rear window or interior decoration. It's also a perfect choice as an eye-catching accessory for photo shoots or car shows.

Product Dimensions

Height: 4.8 Inch | Width: 7.2 Inch - 12.1x18.2 cm

Product features

  • This product is Handmade.
  • All materials are reliable and high quality.
  • The product is resistant to rain.
  • It works with 12V and gets energy from your vehicle battery.
  • The product has voltage and current protection.
  • Neon Lights are embedded in the product's casing.
  • It is lightweight and resistant to physical impacts.

  • The case of the product is created using ABS material used in cars.
  • The lights consist of LED based quality 12V Neon Strips.
  • The power cables of the product are semi-transparent.

Production Times

  • Production is completed within 3 to 7 days.

You can Contact us to get more accurate production time information for the product you want.

Carrier & Shipping Time

  • We work with UPS, FedEx & DHL.
  • Free Shipping: 4-9 days to USA & European Union. 4-7 days to UK.
  • Express Shipping: USA 1-5 days. European Union & UK 1-3 days.
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